Corporate Solutions

Infinitus helps businesses thrive in the information age by harnessing, mobilizing, and deploying intelligence resources across their organization.  We specialize in the financial sector, macro landscape, and financial markets, and work closely with clients who have significant commercial interests in these areas. 

We leverage our expertise to help these clients enhance:

  1. Strategy & Decision Making: Supporting the research & analysis process for corporate finance, treasury, investing, trading, or other market/portfolio-related decisions
    • Enhancing corporate risk management for financial and non-financial firms
    • Evaluation or due diligence on vendors, partners, competitors, markets, products, technology, and more
    • Value chain and supply chain optimization
    • Other corporate, business, and functional level strategy and development applications
  1. Innovation: Think-tank and R&D for products, services, strategy, business development, technology, and more
  2. Sales, Marketing, and Client Services: Client education (webinars, seminars, tutorials, etc)
    • Market research, competitive intelligence, and trend analysis
    • Content marketing, branding, communications, and thought leadership
    • Sales, lead generation, and business development campaigns
    • Digital channel monetization
  3. Corporate Training and Education: Internal staff training and development on financial, macro, and other important subjects

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